I’m Sharon, mum of two, blogger and freelance writer. Welcome to Baby Essentials List, my guide to the things you need for your baby.

So how did this website come about? When I was expecting my first baby, I didn’t have a clue what I needed. I found the vast array of baby products with hugely varying prices on the market completely overwhelming.

What did I need? What didn’t I need? Did I need to spend thousands? Did I need to spend £2K on a pram or would the £350 budget brand one do?

I was frightened of wasting money on poor quality items but I didn’t want to spend copious amounts on expensive brands either. Or buy things I didn’t need.

When I had figured it all out, and through my parenting journey, this website was born. I decided to set up babyessentialslist.co.uk and write (hopefully!) helpful posts for new parents with a focus on the essentials they need.

Little did I know I would end up running a blog about something I used to know absolutely nothing about!

Life with a newborn can be challenging, overwhelming and sometimes frustrating.

I am excited to share with you lots of lists, hints and tips for saving money and time, and ways to get prepared for your new bundle of joy.

You will find information about sleeping, feeding, clothing, baby care, play, and getting out and about with your baby. There is also a big list of freebies you can get in pregnancy for you and your baby, so be sure to read it and don’t miss out on all your free stuff!

My hope is to help parents-to-be who feel overwhelmed just like I did, and show them that having a baby doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. This is your go-to-place for finding out what you need for your baby.

I am a mother of two with an MSc in Sports Science (Health & Fitness), a BSc in Psychology, and a passion for writing.

As a freelance writer my work has appeared in numerous print publications and in various places around the web, including Good Housekeeping, Nursing Times magazine, Issues Today (Independence Educational Publishers), enVoyage inflight magazine (EVA Air), The Online Journal of Sport Psychology, Livestrong, eHow and many more.

Find out more about me over at Healthwriter.co.uk.

I’m hoping you find something useful on this website to help you along your parenting journey. Thanks for reading!


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