Best Free Baby Wishlist and Baby Registry Gift Lists UK

Best free baby wishlist and baby registry gift lists UK

Best Baby Wishlists & Registries

It is an overwhelming task planning for your first baby and making a giant list of things you need to buy. But it doesn’t have to be that way with a baby wishlist or gift registry.

Setting up a baby wishlist makes life a lot simpler.

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And where might you ask is the best place to do this? The answer to that could be Amazon. When you set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist, you get a free gift and a generous discount, and other benefits.

Read on for a round up of the best free baby wish lists and baby registries. 

Free baby registries. Sign up get 15% discount and a free gift

Amazon Baby Wishlist

What is the point of an Amazon Baby Wishlist?

If you are an expectant parent, an Amazon Baby Wishlist is a handy, practical way for you to make a list of everything you need for your baby. And you can share it. 

A bit like a wedding registry, a baby wishlist ensures you get the baby products you really want and need, rather than things you don’t. And it’s free to set up. 

Baby Wishlist Benefits

There are lots of benefits to an Amazon Baby Wishlist, including:

  • Access to 100,000+ baby products
  • Help with discovering best-selling and top-rated items
  • Free gift
  • Generous discount
  • Share with friends and family
  • Track thank you notes you’ve sent

Amazon Baby Products

As you probably know, Amazon sells everything you could possibly imagine, including a huge range of baby items. Nursery furniture, prams, pushchairs, car seats, clothes and feeding equipment, you name it they’ve got it.

With an inventory of over 100,000 items you will need throughout pregnancy and for your baby, a wishlist is a great way to list all the things you need. Even if you don’t buy anything from it!

Amazon is a convenient place to shop, because you can get everything you need from the same place, delivered directly to your door and often at the last minute. (Especially if you are a member of Amazon Prime.)

Amazon will give you lots of information about the most popular baby products on the market. Check out the top-rated and best-selling baby items to help you decide what to add to your baby wishlist. Also read the dozens of customer reviews, which you will find immensely helpful.

There is even a helpful page where you can see what other people have put on their baby wish lists for ideas and inspiration.

Amazon Baby Wishlist Free Gift 

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, another reason to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist is that you will receive a free welcome gift when you spend just £20.

At the time of writing, your choice of free gift includes:

  • Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Bin
  • NUK Baby Pacifier and Baby Bottle
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottles
  • Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy’s Remote
  • Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic Baby Bottles
  • WaterWipes Baby Wipes
  • MAM Newborn Baby Box
  • Childs Farm Baby Bathtime Sample Pack

As you can see the options for free gifts are from excellent brands. You are sure to find something on the list you will enjoy having for free!

Amazon Baby Wishlist Discount 15% Off

  • You get 15% off all eligible baby items when you set up a wishlist. This applies to orders up to a combined value of £2,000, so you could save up to £300. A £300 saving is huge and buys you a lot of baby stuff! To put it in perspective, this amounts to the equivalent of a free pushchair!
  • The Amazon Baby Wishlist discount is valid for a generous length of time. It begins 180 days prior to the arrival date you enter when you sign up for your baby wishlist, and expires 90 days after.

Share With Friends & Family

You can control who sees your wishlist in the Baby Wishlist privacy settings, and select either public, shared or private.

You will have a unique link to your Amazon Baby Wishlist, so you can make it shareable with friends and family. Even share it on social media if you so wish.

Your loved ones can easily search for you on the Amazon website. They can then choose what they would like to buy you from the list.

This will ensure people buy you the things you want, rather than coming up with ideas themselves that may not be what you want at all!

Amazon will even manage your thank you list, so you can keep track of the thank you notes you’ve sent to people who have bought you gifts. (Please note, Amazon won’t actually send the thank you notes, it just keeps track of them.)

Make a baby wishlist & get a free gift

More UK Baby Registry Gift List Services

Amazon certainly has advantages aplenty, but it’s not the only online baby registry gift list out there.

Maybe you’d prefer not to use Amazon, after all it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

A disadvantage of the Amazon Baby Wishlist service is that you can only add baby items featured on the Amazon website.

Not only are you limited to Amazon products, but you cannot import wishlists from websites where you may have other wish lists set up.

The good news is there are additional online baby registries that do give you this facility if you need it.

Let’s take a look at some free alternatives to the Amazon Baby Wishlist. 

MyRegistry UK Baby Wish List

When you set up a UK baby wish list with MyRegistry, you can add gifts from any store that ships to the UK. (Including Amazon itself!)

MyRegistry UK Baby Wish List is a universal baby registry. You can add items from all your favourite stores such as Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Argos, Kiddies Kingdom, Amazon (as previously mentioned) and loads more.

You can also register for cash.

Add items to your baby registry easily from any online store with the button browser extension. Or download the app to manage your gift registry from your phone.

You can also link an existing baby wish list that you have previously created with another retailer, including Amazon UK. When you link it to your MyRegistry baby wish list, you can manage all your gift ideas conveniently in one place.

So you could set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist and import it into MyRegistry, and benefit from combining two baby registries in one place!

Your baby wish list is easily shareable with friends and family in any way you wish, either by sending eCards, sharing your wishlist’s customisable URL, or sharing it on social media. You can also make your registry private and not searchable on MyRegistry.

Like Amazon, MyRegistry makes it easy for you to manage your thank you notes with the thank you note tracker.

You will also find lots of useful guides and ideas for essential baby items to add to your baby wish list, on

Things To Get Me – The Wish List Maker

Things To Get Me is not designed specifically to make a list for baby items; you can use it for anything. It is more of a ‘universal’ wish list maker for any occasion, but it works very well as a baby wish list maker to get the essential baby items you need.

The Things To Get Me Baby Wish List Maker comes with a starter list of baby gift ideas to start you off, if you wish to use it. You can create multiple lists and organise them into categories.

When you create your wish list, you can add a photo, and choose colours, background patterns and fonts to customise your list. There are some cute baby themes to make your list extra special!

The wish list browser extension makes it easy for you to add things to your list from anywhere on the web, or you can manage your wish list with the Things To Get Me wishlist app.

You can share your wishlist to friends and family via its own unique weblink, and guests can tick off items they want to buy. You also have the option to create a ‘money-fund’ if you would prefer money instead of gifts.

Although your baby wishlist is shareable, the link to it is unguessable and there is no search feature on the website for people to look for it. Therefore it is completely private, and no one can see it except for the people you explicitly give the link to.

As with MyRegistry, you can add items to your Things To Get Me Wishlist from any website, and you are not limited to one store. You can also import other wish lists you have made from other websites.

Etsy Baby Registry

If you fancy something a bit different, consider setting up an Etsy Baby Registry, where you will find lots of personalised gifts and custom pieces.

You will find some very special, unique items from independent sellers in the Etsy shop. You can add personalised toys, nursery decor, clothing, and loads more.

When you’ve set up your baby registry, it is easy to add items that you like as you are browsing, along with any customisation and personalisation details that go with the gifts.

You can add gifts on your registry page, and easily share your Etsy registry with friends and family. If you keep your registry public, it is easy for friends and family to find your Etsy registry by simply typing in your name. Otherwise, you can give them the direct link to your registry.

Baby Wishlists and Gift Registries

Digital online gift registries are becoming an increasingly popular way for expectant parents to easily keep track of everything they need to buy for their baby.

It is an easy way for you to share the things you want with friends and family, or you can just use it as a convenient way to keep track of what you want to buy for yourself.

The above mentioned baby registries are the best we have found, so all you need to do is pick the one you want, or even use a combination!

So when should you start a baby registry?

Baby wishlists can be pretty long and consist of a lot of items. They can take some time to compile so the sooner you start the better. It’s really up to you when you set up your baby registry. At around twelve weeks, just after the first ultrasound scan, seems like a sensible option.

Unsure what to put on your baby registry?

We have a giant list of everything you could possibly think of! From nursery items, feeding equipment, cot bedding, pushchairs and travel items, toys, clothing, baby care – you name it it’s on there!

What not to put on a baby registry?

There are some items just not worth bothering with so don’t waste your time adding them to your list. There are far more useful things you could be buying!

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