What keepsakes should I keep for my newborn baby?

What keepsakes should I keep for my baby?

Things to add to your list of baby keepsakes

What keepsakes should I keep for my baby? When you have a baby, the days can feel really long but the years are short.

Those teeny tiny hands and feet and thin cries will rapidly get larger and louder.

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You might not think so at the time, but there are a number of sentimental, keepsake things unique to you and your baby that will be lovely to look back on in years to come. 

In particular, there are things you should keep from the day your baby is born, along with memorabilia from those early days and weeks.

Some things may seem silly to keep, and maybe you are not the sentimental type, but they don’t take up that much room, and one day, you might just be glad you did.

Every single thing is associated with a memory.

1. Hospital ultrasound photos & pregnancy stuff

You will be offered at least two ultrasound scans during your pregnancy, at around 12 and 20 weeks.

You may have the option to take home ultrasound scan pictures from the hospital (there may be a small charge for this) and possibly more depending on your pregnancy.

Also consider recording other things about your pregnancy. Bump to Birthday Pregnancy and First Year Journal helps you keep those sacred memories of how your bump and baby grows and develops, from those first few weeks of pregnancy until birth.

Bear in mind the hospital will take possession of your maternity/handheld notes once your baby is born. So you may wish to take photos of them as they are updated throughout your pregnancy with each midwife visit.

(This will record things such as your blood pressure, bump measurement, vaccinations, blood tests etc.)

And remember to take lots of photos of that baby bump from start to finish, as it grows!

2. Baby keepsake and memory box

What can you put in a memory box for a baby?

Before the birth, organise a memory box for keepsakes and bits and bobs associated with your baby’s birth. (See the list below for ideas of what to put in there.)

In years to come it will be great fun for you and your family to have a rummage through and reminisce.

My Special Keepsakes wooden vintage style memories keepsake box for a girl or a boy has a cute 3D elephant character with bird and hearts decoration.

The Peter Rabbit baby keepsake time capsule is something a bit different. Designed for opening on a day of your choice in the future, it keeps a record of your baby’s hand and foot prints, height and weight, photos and other miniature keepsakes.

Even an old shoebox will do. A memory box doesn’t have to be anything special. As long as you have somewhere to keep things, that’s all that matters.

You can add to it as the weeks, months and years go by, with things such as a lock from your baby’s first haircut, first lost tooth, first pair of shoes etc.

3. Newborn hospital pictures

Take plenty of photos just after the birth, while you’re still in hospital. Or soon after birth if you’re having the baby at home. 

You might want to invest in a special pillow or blanket so you can set up some nice shots. 

Consider taking photos of:

  • immediately after the birth with your baby on your chest
  • your birth partner holding the baby
  • the midwife/hospital team involved in the delivery
  • leaving the hospital with your baby
  • putting your baby in the car for the first time
  • entering the house with your baby for the first time

4. Hospital ID bracelet/ankle bracelet

If your baby is given a patient identity wrist or ankle band in hospital, this is a nice little keepsake.

Likewise, keep the little card that’s put in your baby’s hospital bedside cot, that records your baby’s name and weight.

5. Date of birth receipts

Receipts are another fun little bit of nostalgia to put in your memory box.

Keep receipts for things you or your partner purchased on the day of the birth. For example the hospital car park, snacks purchased in the hospital canteen, petrol receipts, and last minute baby-related purchases.

Anything with your baby’s date of birth is worth keeping. If nothing else, you can look back in decades to come and gasp in shock at how the price of things has gone up!

Unfortunately receipts printed on thermal paper can fade over time. You can help preserve receipts by keeping them in a dark place away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Take digital photos of them as a back up.

6. Baby’s going home outfit

If you have your baby in hospital, make sure to keep that tiny precious outfit your baby wore out into the big wide world for the very first time.

Or if having the baby at home, you can still keep the very first outfit they ever wore. 

You may find you get given lots of cute little first outfits as gifts from family and friends. You can also keep these for sentimental reasons, and you will probably find you never forget who gave you what. 

Maybe you don’t want to, or simply can’t keep the clothes. Then why not get a lovely handmade keepsake toy made from your baby’s clothing?

7. Baby’s hand and footprints

Take prints of those tiny newborn hands and feet. Your baby’s hands and feet will grow rapidly, and in just a few short weeks you will look back and notice how much bigger they’ve got. In years to come you won’t believe how tiny they once were.

The Baby Handprint and Footprint Makers Kit captures those tiny fingers and toes forever.

8. Baby’s first professional photoshoot

You may wish to book up a newborn photoshoot with a professional photographer soon after the birth, to capture those perfect little newborn features before they vanish forever.

Consider booking a photo session while you are still pregnant. You might be so busy and preoccupied with your newborn after the birth, you won’t get around to booking it.

You can opt for a studio portrait session with cute little baby props, or get outside in nature if you prefer. 

Look for recommendations of self-employed local photographers who specialise in newborn shoots. They are likely to be cheaper, and it’s nice to support local businesses.

There will be other photo opportunities along the way, such as your baby’s christening, six months of age, 1st birthday cake smash and so on. These are lovely milestones to look back on.

9. Year of birth commemorative coins

Take a look and see what special commemorative coins are minted in the year of your baby’s birth.

If there is anything special happening in the year, such as sporting events, royal events, even films and television, the Royal Mint will often release limited edition commemorative coins to honour it.

These are a nice little addition to your baby’s memorabilia, that they will enjoy looking back on as an adult.

10. Date of birth newspapers

It seems like an obvious one, but don’t forget to keep paper copies of newspapers from the day your baby is born. And so many people don’t do it! Keep a tabloid and a local newspaper from the area your baby is born.

Who doesn’t enjoy looking back at what was going on all those years ago when they were born? It’s amazing how times change.

You can always buy historic newspapers, but it will cost you more than if you just remember to buy the newspapers on the day!

11. Birth congratulations cards

Congratulations cards are the most lovely of keepsakes. At the time of receipt you will probably be quite overwhelmed and not really in the right frame of mind to fully appreciate them.

Keep them somewhere safe, and you will be glad you hung on to them so you can read them sometime in the future. And your grown baby will love to read them too; it can’t hurt to know how much your entrance into the world was celebrated!

Also don’t forget to keep those very first birthday cards! Sadly when your baby is older, some of the people who sent the cards may no longer be around. This makes keeping them all the more special.

12. Newborn keepsake book

Keep a record for your baby of what was happening in their family on the day they were born. Who were their grandparents and other family members? What was their address? What did mummy and daddy do for a living? And so on.

You can also use it to record those first milestones. First smile, first bath, first giggle, crawl, first steps, first time they roll over, first word. These things happen in the blink of an eye!

At the time you don’t think you will ever forget these special poignant moments, but over time, you will.

Check out Baby’s first year journal: A keepsake of milestone moments, to make sure you have a record forever.

13. Newborn photos and videos

With the invention of mobile phones, there’s no excuse for not taking hundreds and hundreds of photos and videos. You can have a visual reminder of every single little milestone and the ability to capture every little moment right at your fingertips.

It’s probably your greatest asset for recording everything forever.

Take photos and videos of those special moments. First grandparents cuddles, sibling interactions, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and other special people. Take photos of your baby’s first outing in their pram, their first sleep in their cot, first bath and so on. 

However, the danger is you will have 10 or more of the same photo, your phone will become clogged up and you will have tons and tons of photos that aren’t very well organised. 

To combat this, try and get into the habit of going through your photos at the end of each month; delete the blurry ones, get rid of duplicates and pick the best ones to print. 

Use a free prints service such as Free Prints or Snapfish and get hard copies of your best photos delivered every month. Most importantly, backup all of your digital photos and videos with a cloud service such as Google Photos or Dropbox.

An important thing to mention is that quite often it’s mum behind the camera rather than actually in the photos. So mums, don’t be left out! It is a bit of an effort, but make sure you get your partner or whoever is available to take those precious photos of you and your baby!

Also if you’re twiddling your thumbs waiting for the baby to be born, and you need something to do, get some basic photography skills (just look up free courses) and learn to take some of your own print-worthy photos that you can hang on the wall.

14. Newborn baby moment cards / milestone cards

While you are thinking of taking photos and making sure you don’t miss a moment, consider buying some baby milestone photo cards.

Designed with your baby’s milestones in mind, you can place the appropriate card with your baby for a little home-style photo shoot every time he or she does something of importance, eg. smiling, laughing, walking and talking.

Baby Moment Cards and Keepsake Box gives you the perfect opportunity to capture your little one’s moments, with the space to write on the front and back, so you can remember those all important dates.

Keepsakes to keep for your newborn baby

Those first days and weeks with your newborn go by in a flash and a blur.

Try and take the time to collect keepsakes of those early days and weeks. In years to come you will be glad you did.

Ideas of things to keep:

  • Ultrasound scans
  • Keepsake box
  • Hospital photos
  • Hospital wristband and card
  • Date of birth receipts
  • Going home outfit/first outfits
  • Hand and footprints
  • Professional photoshoot
  • Commemorative coins
  • Newspapers
  • Congratulations cards
  • Keepsake book
  • Photos and videos
  • Baby milestone cards

Maybe you’re not the sentimental type, or maybe your baby won’t grow up to be, but it doesn’t hurt to keep the little reminders of your baby’s birth and first year of life. Lots of them are free or cheap, and they are lovely to look back on in years to come.

What other things do you need for your baby?

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Keepsakes for a newborn baby